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  • High Voltage portable Fiberglass Discharge Stick/RodStatic Discharge Resistive electric discharge rods

    Bastone/asta di scarico portatile in fibra di vetro ad alta tensione

    The high voltage discharge rod can be used for on-site high voltage test, especially in DC withstand voltage test, it should carry out a ground discharge for the accumulated charge on tested objects to ensure personal safety.

    Portable telescopic rod model is easy to use in the outdoor high voltage test, especially in DC voltage test, to test the charge accumulation, to discharge, to ensure personal safety using the discharge rod discharge, is to ensure that the necessary for each test of the personal safety of the weapon. Portable telescopic rod is easy to carry, convenient, flexible, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, is a safe tool of high voltage staff lack.

    Non Linear Carbon Discharge Resistor Type Discharge Rods are used to discharge dead system having limited fault levels and also to discharge the static & induced charges in the dead system or equipment, particularly in transmission lines, cables, transformers, reactors, large bus bar systems, switch-gears etc. The earthing lead is made up of special highly flexible braided copper cable with transparent sheath. Copper Hook and copper rod & Earth End Clamp of special alloy are provided.