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  • High voltage fiberglass hot stick combined Sectional insulated operating rod/ link sticksHigh Voltage HV brake Pull Rod

    Hot stick in fibra di vetro ad alta tensione combinato Asta di manovra/asta di collegamento isolata sezionale

    Brake lever is an insulating tool used to operate live equipment for a short time, such as connecting or disconnecting high voltage disconnecting switch, falling fuse, etc.

    1. Interface type insulation lever is a kind of insulation lever in common use. The section adopts the butt screw interface, the length can be up to 14 meters, and the section can be bagged and carried easily.
    2. This series of XINCHENG brake lever (insulation operating rod, link rod) is made of the first-class epoxy resin pipe with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength, light weight, and anti-North Korea treatment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength and easy to carry.

    3, the brake lever (insulated operation bar, Link bar) design novel, superior materials, reasonable structure, easy to use.

    (1) The brake lever handshake part adopts silicone rubber sheath and silicone rubber umbrella skirt bonding, insulating performance, safe and reliable.

    (2) The brake rod end all belong to the joint using embedded or outsourced structure is more firm, safe and reliable.

    (3) The brake rod extension and connection is convenient, strong selectivity, various connection forms, can be combined flexibly.

  • Portable High Voltage Earthing Grounding Wire Earth Clamp / Needle Ground RodPortable High voltage ground rod with earth wire and clamp

    Morsetto di messa a terra del cavo di messa a terra portatile ad alta tensione/asta di messa a terra dell'ago

    High Voltage Grounding Rods with Earth Clamp are matched with earthing wires and earthing pin or earth clamp to form a complete set. Application: Suitable for making power failed equipments or temporary short-circuited lines grounded, preventing unexpected power to intrude in and do damage to personnel and equipments.
    The material operating rod is Super Epoxy Non-alkali Fiberglass Fabric Tube
    Grounding wire is the line that connects the earth directly. High Voltage Grounding Rods with Earth Clamp can also be called safety loop line. When danger occurs, it transfers high voltage directly to the earth, which is a lifeline. Grounding wire in power system: is an important tool to ensure staff when unexpected voltage occurs on the outage equipment and lines. In order to prevent electrostatic induction shock or mis-closing of nearby charged objects, The material operating rod is Super Epoxy Non-alkali Fiberglass Fabric Tube, and the soft ground connection is made of multiple strands of high-quality copper wire.

  • Rain proof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods /hot stickRain proof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods /hot stick

    Tipo di vite elettrica in fibra di vetro antipioggia Aste di manovra/bastone caldo

    The high-voltage gate rod, also known as the Lingke rod, the insulated rod, and the insulated gate rod, is composed of a working head, an insulating rod and a handle. It is used when closing or opening the high-voltage isolating switch, assembling and disassembling the portable ground wire, as well as when measuring and testing.
    The high-pressure gate rods can be divided into two types according to the combination form, one is the interface type gate rod and the other is the telescopic gate rod. The interface type is relatively durable, and the telescopic type is relatively convenient to operate.
    According to the use environment, it can be divided into two types: one is the ordinary gate rod, and the other is the rainproof gate rod.
    According to the material, it is divided into: glass brake lever, phenolic resin lever, epoxy resin and so on.