RainProof Fiberglas Elektrischer Schraubentyp Betätigungsstangen / Hot Stick

The high-voltage gate rod, also known as the Lingke rod, the insulated rod, and the insulated gate rod, is composed of a working head, an insulating rod and a handle. It is used when closing or opening the high-voltage isolating switch, assembling and disassembling the portable ground wire, as well as when measuring and testing.
The high-pressure gate rods can be divided into two types according to the combination form, one is the interface type gate rod and the other is the telescopic gate rod. The interface type is relatively durable, and the telescopic type is relatively convenient to operate.
According to the use environment, it can be divided into two types: one is the ordinary gate rod, and the other is the rainproof gate rod.
According to the material, it is divided into: glass brake lever, phenolic resin lever, epoxy resin and so on.


product overview:

Insulating lever is an insulating tool used to operate live equipment for a short time, such as switching on or off high voltage isolating switch, falling fuse, etc. This product is made of high quality epoxy resin pipe with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength, light weight and moisture-proof treatment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength and easy to carry, etc. The handshake part adopts silicone rubber sheath and silicone rubber umbrella skirt bonding, insulating, safe and reliable end metal joint adopts embedded structure more firm, safe and reliable.

Products in line with IEC60855 standard

Isolierter Betriebspol ist ein einheitlicher Begriff für die Zusammensetzung von Isolierwerkzeugen, die in Stromversorgungssystemen verwendet werden. Es kann für Live-Betrieb, Live-Wartung und Live-Wartung verwendet werden. Hochspannungs-Zugstangenbremse mit isolierter Betätigungsstange (auch bekannt als isolierte Betätigungsstange, isolierte Stange, Hochspannungs-Betätigungsstange, allgemein als Mehrzweck-Verbindungsstange bekannt) kann in 10 KV, 35 KV, 110 KV, 220 KV, 330 unterteilt werden KV, 500 KV, 1000 KV entsprechend dem Spannungspegel. Es ist ein anwendbares Produkt, das gemäß den Anforderungen der Produktion, des Betriebs und der Wartung von Stromversorgungssystemen entwickelt wurde.

RainProof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods Product Usage

The function of the insulated gate rod is one of the commonly used safety tools in the operation of electrical equipment to the gate. It is mainly used for short-time insulation tools for operating live equipment, such as turning on or off high-voltage isolating switches and dropping fuse sets, assembling and disassembling portable grounding wires, and for measuring and testing.
(1) Classic “U”, “T”, and square heads can be selected. Chrome-plated hooks are easy to use and durable.
(2) It is pultruded with epoxy resin FRP and has strong insulation and high safety.
(3) The chrome-plated interface is stable and does not rust.
(4) Insulating rubber material can effectively prevent electric shock.

RainProof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods Character:

1.Material:Light Epoxy Resin

2.Light weight, only 2.75kg/m

3.High voltage

  1. high strength

5.Anti-moisture. Foam filled tube and ventilated bottom design.

6.Anit-slip . Holding part is roughness treated.

7.Convenience and flexible locking system.

8.Absorbing and anti-friction surface.

9.100% electrical performance tested.

10.Offer special design.

11.Fluorescent green tip section is highly visible and has a form core;

12.Several models and lengths available

13.The stick metal head shape can be customized!


Rain proof , Nocturnal overhaul/Night maintenance operation , Interface type brake rod , Telescopic Hv Brake Pull-rod High Voltage Frp Insulation Operating Rod,  Insulator Rain-proof Brake Bar, telescopic pull brake rod, button pull brake rod, gun grounding rod

The insulating rod (Link rod) is made of high quality epoxy FRP pipe with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength, light weight and moisture-proof treatment. Rain-proof pull brake rod (insulation operating rod) is designed for outdoor rainy days. Rain-proof skirt uses silicone rubber to prevent rain and increase the insulation strength in rainy days. Single rain-proof operating rod; multi-rain-proof operating rod; single rain-proof pull-brake rod; multi-rain-proof pull-brake rod. In addition, accept customization.



Typ Withstand Voltage


Insulating Length


Total Length


XC-1 10 ≥700 3000 3
XC-2 35 ≥900 4500 3-4
XC-3 66 ≥1000 4500 3-4
XC-4 110 ≥1300 5000 3-4
XC-5 220 ≥2100 5000 3-4
XC-6 330 ≥3100 5000 4-5
XC-7 500 ≥4000 8000-10000 4-5
XC-8 750 ≥5000 10000-14000 6-7
XC-9 1000 ≥7000 14000 7


  1. Please check out whether the appearances of the operating lever is smooth and has no scratch, whether the hollow tube is blocked up and whether the segments are connected firmly.
  2. Please check out the power-frequency withstand voltage test date. The products must carry out regular tests strictly according to DL408-1991 Working Regulation of Power Safety. If the products’ test date is over the expiry date, don’t uses them after you have test them strictly.
  3. Please check out carefully whether the label of the high voltage brake pull-rod is clear and whether the name of the manufacturer, manufacturing date, fitted rated voltage are accurate and complete.
  4. Please pay special attention to moisture proof to ensure the accuracy of the electrical properties and mechanical properties.

Summary of usage items:

(1) Before using the insulated operating rod, check whether the model specification, manufacturer name, manufacturing date, voltage level, and (double triangle) symbols for live work are clear and complete.
(2) The insulated part of the insulated operating rod should be free from bubbles, wrinkles, cracks, shedding of the insulating layer, severe mechanical or electric burn marks, and the glass fiber cloth and resin should be well bonded and no glue.
(3) The sheath of the hand held part of the handshake and the operating rod should be connected tightly, without damage, and without relative sliding or rotation.
(4) Before operation, wipe the surface of the insulated operating rod with a clean dry cloth to make the surface dry and clean.
(5) During operation, the human body should keep a sufficient safe distance from live equipment.
(6) The operator’s hand grip should not go over the guard ring to maintain an effective insulation length, and take care to prevent the insulated operating rod from being shorted by the human body or equipment.
(7) In order to prevent large leakage currents due to dampness and endanger the safety of operators, insulating gloves should be worn when using insulated operating rods to pull switches or disconnecting switches and circuit breakers through a transmission mechanism.
(8) When operating electrical equipment outdoors in rainy weather, the insulated part of the insulated operating rod should have a rain cover, and the upper mouth of the cover should be tightly integrated with the insulated part, without leakage, so as to block the rainwater flowing down and prevent it from forming The connected water flow column greatly reduces the wet flash voltage.
(9) When using an insulated operating rod to operate outdoor high-voltage equipment in rainy weather, insulated boots should be worn.
(10) The insulated operating rod should be subjected to a manual withstand voltage test once a year, and those who fail to pass are strictly prohibited to use it.


1 How long is your products warranty ?
A: The warranty period of our products is 18 months.
2 How about inspection?
A: We have the whole inspection system from raw material to end products include temperature test, strength test and so on.
3 What do you have for certificate?
A: Our products are passed through IEC60947and IEC60269standarded.
4 What is payment terms?
A: T.T, Western Union and L/C is acceptable.
5 What is the service offered by company?
A: We have the professional engineer team which can design and develop the mold to arrive different customer requirement.
We also have the sales team to offer good service from pre-sale to after-sale.

Unser Service:

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  3.  Wir besitzen mehrere ganze Produktionslinien, die nicht nur beste Qualität und wettbewerbsfähigen Preis bieten, sondern auch die Produktionszeit verkürzen können.
  4.  Dringende Bestellungen können Überstunden produzieren.
  5.  Wir können OEM & ODM unterstützen und können gemäß den detaillierten Anforderungen angepasst werden, z. B. Muster oder Skizzen.


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