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  • Fiberglass Telescopic Operating Rod Link StickHigh-voltage pull brake rod, Link rod

    Teleskopischer elektrischer Heißstab aus Fiberglas

    The triangular  Telescopic Hot stick  are designed to be used in high voltage isolating switch out operating, being one of the most used safty tools in hot line maintenance. The triangular Telescopic hot sticks are manufactured with epoxy reinforced fiberglass tubes. The triangular Telescopic hot sticks comprises a number of sticks that slide into each other with integrated locking buttons. The triangular Telescopic hot sticks have a lot of advantages over round hot stick. a. Easy to transportb. High strength, more stable than round hot sticksc. Resolves the rotating problems found in round hot sticksd. Only the number of sections required for the job are extended, giving great flexibilitye. Any section can be replaced if it becomes damaged.