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  • High Voltage Triangle fiberglass telescoping hot/link stick With scaletelescopic fiberglass triangle electrical protection hot stick With scale

    Thanh điều hành kính thiên văn hình tam giác FRP có thể điều chỉnh điện áp cao / Thanh nóng có quy mô

    High Voltage Adjustable FRP Triangle Telescopic Operating Rod/Hot Stick with Scale:Manufacturing technology of high-pressure operating rod This series of operating rods (also known as Link rod) are made of glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and 306 resin phthalic anhydride, glass fiber cloth and curing agent, and are extruded by drawing machine, forming at one time. Then it is painted and made into other FRP products with beautiful appearance, light structure, easy operation, mechanical and electrical properties, suitable for use under various high voltage conditions, good insulation performance and safe use. The detection period is one year. Inspection basis of high-voltage operating pole: DL408-91 “Electrical Safety Work Regulations” appearance inspection: smooth insulation surface, no bubbles, wrinkles or cracks; good bonding between glass fiber and resin; hollow pipe end with plugs, strong connection between the knuckles and poles.