High Voltage portable Fiberglass Discharge Stick/Rod

The high voltage discharge rod can be used for on-site high voltage test, especially in DC withstand voltage test, it should carry out a ground discharge for the accumulated charge on tested objects to ensure personal safety.

Portable telescopic rod model is easy to use in the outdoor high voltage test, especially in DC voltage test, to test the charge accumulation, to discharge, to ensure personal safety using the discharge rod discharge, is to ensure that the necessary for each test of the personal safety of the weapon. Portable telescopic rod is easy to carry, convenient, flexible, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, is a safe tool of high voltage staff lack.

Non Linear Carbon Discharge Resistor Type Discharge Rods are used to discharge dead system having limited fault levels and also to discharge the static & induced charges in the dead system or equipment, particularly in transmission lines, cables, transformers, reactors, large bus bar systems, switch-gears etc. The earthing lead is made up of special highly flexible braided copper cable with transparent sheath. Copper Hook and copper rod & Earth End Clamp of special alloy are provided.


Telescopic type Earthing Rod (10KV to 500 KV)


Telescopic type Earthing Rod (10KV to 500 KV)
Voltage System Section Rod shrinkage Length (mm) Rod Stretch Length(mm) Impedance
grounding clamp
6KV 2 650 1000 6.6 Single / double hole
10KV 2 650 1070 6.6 Single / double hole
35KV 3 650 1500 8.8 Single / double hole
110KV 3 810 2000 16 Single / double hole
220KV 3 1150 3000 18 Single / double hole
500KV 5 1250 6000 25 Single / double hole
Remark: the cable length customized. The diameter of the top rod is 20mm


Connection straight type Earthing Rod (10KV to 500 KV)

Voltage grade Section Rod Length (mm) Diameter of the rod in hand (mm) Cable


grounding clamp
10KV 2 1300 35 16/25 Single / double hole
35KV 2 1700 35 16/25 Single / double hole
110KV 2 2400 35 16/25 Single / double hole
220KV 3 3400 35 25/35 Single / double hole
500KV 4-5 6000 40 35/50 Single / double hole

Remark: the cable length customized, The rod length can be made to 12 M, The rod length can be made to 12 M.


Matters needing attention:

1. To the sample capacitor discharge, should be in after the test, disconnect the power after the test, you should wait for a period of time, the charge on the cylinder and the sample times by itself on the self discharge. This can be observed on the control box of the voltage meter voltage the gradual decline in the fall, when voltage meter down to a lower voltage, usually in 5Kv ~ 15Kv, available discharge rod to gradually move to the sample nearby. First through the air gap free discharge, then you can hear a hissing sound, when no sound, with a tip to touch the discharge rod test, finally test direct grounding discharge. 2.The magnitude of the accumulated charge. Large capacitance specimens is proportional to the size of the sample capacitor and the applied voltage, and is proportional to the time 3. After a few kilometers above the high voltage cable test, the discharge time is generally very long, and need to repeatedly discharge. Resistance capacity is large, need to order a large capacity of the discharge rod 4. Strictly prohibited without open test power to discharge the sample with the discharge rod. 5. Strictly prohibit the use of foot and heavy extrusion rod, bending, breaking the discharge rod is strictly prohibited 6. Prohibit the discharge rod damp, affect the insulation strength, should be placed in the dry place 7. Service environmental conditions: Ambient temperature: – 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, relative humidity: ≤ 90% 8. The power of the discharged equipment must be disconnected before discharging. 9. When in use, do not exceed the “armrest limit”.

Product features:

  1. The high-voltage safety discharge rod has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high insulation and safe and reliable use.
  2. The operating rod for Safety Equipment  insulation static discharge rod  is a super pressure resistant epoxy resin rod with its own ground wire. The connecting grounding clamp is a tool for power system.
  3. Discharge rod is a safety device for maintenance after power failure of equipment or line in the power industry, which provides convenience for the majority of line construction personnel and greatly improves the work efficiency and construction cost.
  4. FRP Rods can be used for KV test level
  5. Special pultruded fiber glass Rods are used for proper insulation and long life
  6. Cable Dismentable, Additional lengths are also available
  7. Customized cable length Earthing lead with proper clamps
  8. Non-Inductive Resistor to drain the high voltage smoothly which enables the pitting on the test piece and corona discharge
  9. Waterproof bag is provided
  10. Very light in weight and workable in all weather conditions .
  11. No need any working power supply, small volume, light weight for portable.
  12. With special HV resistor, resistance is up to 1500MΩ,safe and reliable.
  13. Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  14. Dimensionally precise
  15. Highly effective


Connecting insulating rod:

The surface of the insulating rod is smooth and easy to carry. It is made of insulating material epoxy resin. It is stronger and more reliable than ordinary FRP materials. It is safe to use and has a longer service life.


Resistance requirements:

Model 16mm2 25mm2 35mm2 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 120mm2
Resistance 1.24mΩ 0.79mΩ 0.56mΩ 0.40mΩ 0.28mΩ 0.21mΩ 0.16mΩ


Specification of discharge wire:

The discharge wire is usually 16mm2 and 25mm2, and the length is generally 5M and 7M. Special requirements can be customized according to actual needs.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Suitable packing for export:   Cartons+ Wooden cases+ Pallets+ Wrapping Film

Port: Qingdao/Tianjin/Shanghai/Shenzhen