How to use the High Voltage Grounding Rods

How to use the High Voltage Grounding Rods with Earth Clamp are matched with earthing wires and earthing pin



The following ten points should be paid attention to when using the high voltage  ground wire:

1. The grounding wire must be checked before working. Whether the soft copper wire is broken, whether the screw connection is loose, whether the elasticity of the wire hook is normal, and if it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired in time before use.

2. Before hanging the ground wire, you must first check the electricity. Hanging the ground wire without electricity inspection is a common habitual violation in the grassroots. When hanging, the ground wire should not be in contact with the body.

3. Suspend the ground wire at both ends of the two sections of the work site to avoid the possibility of reverse power transmission and induction of electricity by users.

4. When driving grounding piles, it is necessary to use the physical energy from the ground to quickly clear the large current of the accident to ensure the quality of the grounding.

5. Take care of the ground wire. The grounding wire should not be twisted during use, and the soft copper wire should be coiled when not in use. After the grounding wire is removed, it should not be dropped from the air or thrown anywhere.

6. New staff must go through the training and study on the use of the ground wire, and only after passing the assessment can they be able to operate or use the work alone.

7. Select the grounding wire of the corresponding specification according to different voltage levels.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use other metal wires instead of ground wires.

9. The on-site work must not be less than the ground wire or change the hanging location without authorization.

10. It is double-sided, it has a safety function, and improper use will also have a destructive effect, so the grounding wire should be removed in time after the work. Closing switches with grounding wires will damage electrical equipment and destabilize the power grid, resulting in serious and vicious electrical accidents.

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